Support: Warranty Terms & Conditions

A Deus Ex Custom PC is a non-refundable item. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with one or more individual components they may be replaced/upgraded with only the difference in cost being chargeable.

Retain all the packing you receive. This is the safest possible way to ship a PC. We will only accept a system back in for repairs and upgrades if it has not been damaged in transit due to proper packaging. If you have thrown away your packaging, you can purchase proper packaging from us at a cost of $60.

Faulty Components
Faulty components will be replaced or upgraded as quickly as possible. This warranty covers components that have been bought from and installed by Deus Ex Technologies and support for PCs that have been built by us only. The customer may choose if they wish to have faulty components replaced onsite (for our onsite warranties) or have the replacement part(s) sent in. for all return-to-base warranties, the customer may choose to send in their PC to Deus Ex or have the parts shipped to them.

This warranty covers labor for any upgrades carried out on your PC. It does not cover the costs of the new hardware. There is a further 6-month warranty on any labor carried out and any parts replaced by us during the repair or upgrade of your PC.

Liquid Cooling
All liquid cooling hardware is covered by this warranty (labor, parts and delivery) for the 12 months against any defect in the loop. If a pump, radiator or any other part stops working , it will be collected, repaired/replaced and returned with no charges other than shipping (this excludes fans only). If it is determined that you need to have the water changed in the first year this is also covered. At the end of all liquid cooling warranties, customers have the option of sending in their PC to our labs for a refurbishing and may purchase a warranty extension for another year at a flat rate of $150.

If your BIOS is reset at any point, all your overclocking settings are recorded in your order profile on our website. Any support you may need entering your overclocking settings is covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover problems directly caused by alterations made to your Deus Ex overclocking profile.

Hardware Issues
This warranty covers any hardware issues as well as the system delivery costs in/out for on-site warranties. For RTB warranties system delivery costs are shared with the customer covering the cost of sending the system in and Deus Ex covering the cost of sending the system out once repaired. We will only accept a system back via the courier if the ORIGINAL box is kept to ensure safe transit of the machine so it is strongly recommended that you minimize and save all original packaging. If you do not retain your original packaging then we will direct you to the best packaging method but will not take responsibility if the PC is damaged in transit.

Software and Peripheral Compatibility
This warranty does not cover software, firmware related issues or third party peripheral compatibility.

If ever your system needs to be sent back to our lab, we can arrange for it to be picked up with overnight couriers.

On-site Fixes
For all of our 3-year onsite warranties, we can deploy an onsite engineer, if we feel that this would be the most efficient way to deal with the troubleshooting, the costs of which are covered by this warranty. Engineers are deployed by National Warranties Australia or other related warranty underwriters who generally deploy onsite engineers the next business day. We will fully brief the engineer before departure so onsite time is minimized.

Support is provided via email, chat and email for any issues. We will always try to help with any software/hardware/installation issues free of charge. However, the warranty & support do not cover any software related problems or

Paint Jobs
No warranty or cover is given for the paintjobs done by Airbrush Australia, Twistfactor or any other related 3rd party. However, if you do want your paintjob to be re-touched then Deus Ex Technologies will arrange for a pick-up of your system and return the PC within 2 weeks.

All Deus Ex PCs come with a Silver Upgrade package as a minimum. If you have bought a custom computer from us and would like some upgrades done on it then we will be happy to do it for you, this service however is available once during the life of your warranty but extensions may be purchased from our staff. As long as a PC is in warranty all labor costs will be covered, though depending on which warranty you chose we may ask you to pay the shipping costs of the system to and from our lab.

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