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Upgrade Package

As part of Deus Exs Complete Service commitment, we offer all our valued clients the opportunity to upgrade their systems for only the cost of the products at distributor prices (i.e. the prices we pay for them).

This Upgrade package features upgrades for any of your user-replaceable parts with new parts Deus Ex is currently offering . Deus Ex will also perform the following services:
  • Make software and BIOS updates if necessary;
  • Polish & clean your system; and
  • Offer up-to 6 free hours of labor.

We will not be responsible for any shipping & insurance costs to and from Deus Ex. There are 2 such packages offered:
  • Platinum: 1 free upgrade of the system at any time during the warranty period.
  • Silver: 2 free upgrades of the system at any time during the warranty period.

Water-cooled systems only have the option of the Platinum upgrade package.

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Delivery Dates

As soon as we receive payment confirmation of your order, you will be contacted via telephone and receive a confirmation to your email. In this confirmation will be your anticipated delivery date. Most of our PCs will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 weeks of placing an order. However, it is important to note that if your PC requires parts which have a waiting period then the delivery date may be extended.

For more information regarding our delivery times and terms please email us at

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Shipping and Insurance

All Deus Ex PCs are home delivered & insured in transit. Freight costs vary according to the state the PC is being shipped to. If you have, preferred methods of freight then please inform us via phone or email and we will accommodate to your preferences as best we can.

All shipping is insured free of charge. In case of any damage, please contact us as soon as possible and avoid using the PC if damaged on arrival.

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PCs & System Upgrades

All our PCs (excluding water-cooled PCs) come with a 3 year return to base warranty covering all hardware and labor. If you wish to upgrade to the National Onsite Warranty (recommended if not residing in Sydney) then either National Warranty Services or United Electrical Group will cover your warranty. You will still only ever deal with your Deus Ex consultant.

When a client makes a warranty call, the customer will ship the PC to Deus Ex Technologies and will be reimbursed if a fault is found. If no fault is found then the PC will be shipped back and shipping costs charged to the customer. However, our technicians will diagnose PCs over the phone in most cases to avoid such scenarios.

Warranties for peripherals and other additional items purchased through Deus Ex will be covered by the respective manufacturers but will be warranted through Deus Ex Technologies.

All liquid-cooled PCs come with a 1 year return to base warranty. Same conditions as non-liquid cooled PCs regarding shipping apply. At the end of 1 year customers may send in their PC for a check up, refilling of all liquids and refurbishments of pumps, reservoirs and any other parts. Also, the warranty may be extended for an additional 1 year for a fee if requested.

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