About Us: Who We Are

Deus-Ex Technologies is a young, dynamic & innovative specialist provider of customized Gaming & Performance PC's. Our core focus is high end performance machines as well as providing the best service, components and support.

Being Australia’s only boutique high end PC specialist, we have developed an unmatched expertise in enthusiast requirements. These include world class warranty & technical support, overclocking, system cooling, case modification, quality components & a truly unique customer experience.

Our operational philosophy derives from our name (translating to “of God”) to ensure that we get our business and people to do something never before seen, meaning a “Godly” experience for our clients. This includes giving quality assurances, standing behind our products with our extended no-cost warranty, and making sure every client is in regular contact with the technician building your PC before and after we receive the order.

Our Founders

Ali Yusaf

Ali has 8 years of experience in dealing with quality driven clientele and high end PC building. He manages all technical aspects of the Deus Ex business and oversees the construction, testing & quality control of every PC that leaves our doors. If there are any questions or if you would like Ali to personally help build your PC then please do not hesitate to contact him on:

Email: ali@deus-ex.com.au
Mobile: 0435 298 878

Aman Sharma

Aman specializes in all operational aspects of Deus Ex and has experience in the financial services industry as well as being a business owner and operator. He has dealt with numerous listed technology firms and now manages all of Deus Ex’s marketing, financial & other functional aspects of the business. If you would like to speak with Aman or ask him to help configure your PC or notebook then please do not hesitate to contact him on:

Email: aman@deus-ex.com.au
Mobile: 0422 466 938

The Team


Guang is an avid gamer and tech enthusiast, as well as being one of our lead engineers. If you've purchased a custom gaming PC from Deus Ex then there is a good chance that Guang has spent immeasurable hours stress testing and optimising its overclocking parameters to perfection. Asides from masterfully overclocking our systems, Guang's amazing attention to detail helps with his other specialty- modifying cases to suit whatever crazy ideas our clients can come up with.


Omar is our in-house industry veteran & wiring maestro. Having owned and operated his own IT consulting and hardware business for over 10 years, he brings a rich set of experience to the Deus-Ex team. Being our dedicated troubleshooting Guru, he ensures any and all RTB warranty claims are dealt with quickly and professionally. Though he also monitors PC build processes, testing and troubleshooting, his specialty is the masterful wiring and cable management work that goes into every PC that leaves our doors.


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