Extreme Tuning

tachometer With such high-end, quality components it's hard to imagine pushing these machines any further, however one of Deus Ex's specialty is to take technology to the bleeding edge. For this very reason, ever Mainframe comes with the option of delivering significantly extra firepower by over-clocking your CPU to dizzying speeds of up to 4.4Ghz. That's faster than anything on the market, and 32% more power than what you pay for! All over-clocked CPUs are rigorously tested, equipped with over-clocking specific components & fitted with advanced air or liquid cooling; this allows the PCs to run above and beyond their rated speeds in a safe and reliable way.

Room To Move

hard drive Our engineers know that sending you a blitzing fast PC means nothing if you don't have the content to run on it, which is why the Mainframe has been equipped standard with 1 Terabyte of hard drive storage for all your needs. This allows you to store more than 300 divX movies, 200 games and 100,000 mp3s all at once! Of course if this isn't enough, our chassis and motherboards allow plenty of extra SATA slots for future scalability.

Staying Cool

cooling Higher end games and applications coupled with the intensity & temperature with which our computers have been built for required some ingenious cooling mechanisms. Every Mainframe PC has; A super-sized chassis to allow for extra air circulation, a front intake 140mm fan with air filter, silent top and rear 140mm exhaust fans, efficient cable management to streamline airflow, dual tube outlets for custom liquid cooling support & an award-winning Corsair h70 compact liquid cooling system to top it all off. Such a comprehensive system will ensure that you never break a sweat, no matter how grueling your task may be.

Amazing Graphics

graphics card The latest Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 graphics cards have been hailed with countless rave reviews. The performance and power of these hot and hungry cards will keep you locked, stocked and loaded for any gun-toting fantasy battle and well beyond. The latest in graphics technology, it not only raises the bar with its over-clocked speeds but is also Direct X 11 compatible for ultimate future-proofing. Put simply, with this beast of a machine, you easily frag away in demanding next-generation games such as Crysis Warhead and Metro 2033 at maximum settings with zero-lag. Really, what more could you ask for?

Extreme Edition

cpu Whether it's encoding, rendering, editing, or streaming, make the most of your professional-grade multimedia applications with a PC powered by the Intel Core i7 Extreme hexacore processor. With six processing cores and 12MB of shared L2 cache, the 980X brings a multimedia powerhouse into your home or office. Of course with the option of over-clocking the Mainframe can be taken to new extremes, with speeds as high as 4.4Ghz blowing the competition out of the water.


What Comes With Your PC

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  • 3 day testing report
  • Benchmarking report
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  • Customer folder with all manuals, drivers and warranty certficiates
  • Platinum upgrade package certification
  • Direct line to our engineers
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+ 3 Year Warranty Our comprehensive warranty covers all labour and hardware problems that may arise in your machine for the life of the warranty. All our PCs come standard with a 3 year warranty- one of the many services we provide free of charge to display our commitment to quality.

+ 3 Year Technical Support Where else will you be given the direct phone contact of the technician who actually hand built your PC? This saves hours of time when it comes to diagnostics and possible miscommunication over the phone, email or onsite.

+ Platinum Upgrade Package Upgrade your PC upto 2 times for the life of your warranty with the parts at distributor prices (price we get them at), 6 hours of free labour, fresh paint or polish (where applicable), all software & bios updates & extended 90 day warranty on your PC! This service is unique in Australia and offered by no other PC vendor!



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